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Cookie policy

Effective as of February 14 2020. 


We, Share Your Business, use so called Cookies in our service for mobile application and on the web, for the purpose of analyzing, improving, and marketing our service, as well as to provide you with an improved user experience.  

Cookies are small text files that websites store temporarily in your web browser when you visit them. Cookies allow us to recognize users of our service and thus provide them with customized content, features, settings, and recommendations, that contribute to an enhanced user experience. 


Share Your Business uses different types of cookies that are stored for various periods of time in your web browser. Session Cookies are stored in the user’s web browser for the duration of their visit to the service, and are removed once the user has left the website and closed their web browser. Persistent Cookies are reused every time a user visits the website, and are thus stored on the user’s device for a longer set period of time, or until removed manually. 


3.1 Functional Cookies

We use Functional Cookies, which is the most basic type of cookie, for the purpose of providing our service and its main features. These cookies also enable customized content, features, and recommendations, as well as storing user preferences and settings. Functional Cookies are also necessary for the service and its features, such as payments and payouts, to function properly. 

3.2 Analytical Cookies

We use Analytical Cookies that gather information about how the user interacts with the service, in order to analyze how the service, and specific pages, perform. The information and statistics that we gather from Analytical Cookies is anonymous and thus cannot be used for identifying individual users. The information is processed for the purpose of developing, optimizing, and continually improve our service. 

3.3 Cookies for third parties

Share Your Business may come to allow business partners and/or service providers to place and use cookies to identify users of our service and their devices. We do this for the purpose of providing our service as a whole, which requires the features and services of our business partners and/or service providers, and therein basic information about you as a user. 

3.4 Cookies for marketing

Because Share Your Business’ service consists of ads for various jobs, we may come to share cookie data with advertising networks and/or service providers, for the purpose of providing them with ads from our service. 

Share Your Business uses cookie data in conjunction with our advertising efforts, for the purpose of customizing our communication and marketing to the user. These cookies provide us with information about your activity in our service and the websites you visit that we advertise on, which enables us to display customized advertising in third party channels, such as social media and search engines.  


You can easily see, manage, and remove unwanted cookies in your web browser settings. You can also specify the types of cookies you want your web browser to accept. Most web browsers accept most cookies as a default setting, for the purpose of giving the user an optimized user experience. Please note that if you choose to remove and disable cookies it may affect how our service performs, and some features in the service may stop working fully or in part. 


For questions regarding our cookie policy , please contact us by emailing at 

For more information about cookies in general, please visit 

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