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Privacy Policy

Applies to all users of the services provided by Share Your Business. 
This version of the privacy policy is effective as of February 14 2020.


Share Your Business (“Share Your Business, “We”, “Us”) provides a tool for mediating household services between individuals (“Service”, “The Service”). The Service is available as a mobile application for Android and iOS (“The App”) and on our website (“The Website”). 

To provide our Service in full and an improved user experience Share Your Business needs access to the user’s personal data according to what is established in this policy. By using our Service you accept this Privacy Policy as a whole. We therefore ask you to read it carefully before using any of our services. 

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you as a user of The Service about your rights, the types of personal data we collect, as well as how we gather, process, and use that data for the purpose of improving the user experience. 


Share Your Business Sweden AB is the data controller for personal data gathered and processed according to what is established in this privacy policy. 


Share Your Business gathers personal data about you as a user when you are using The Service. Some data is gathered after the user’s consent, and other data after a balancing of interests by us. We gather this data for the purpose of providing our Service in full, and to improve your user experience. 

We gather personal data when you are using our Service, which includes, but is not limited to,: 

i.) General information from registration in The Service, such as first and last name, phone number, birth date, profile picture, and other conatct information, as well as, when registering as Fixer, further information, such as passport and ID pictures, address, and account information; 
ii.) Bank information from registration in The Service, such as card information when adding payment methods as a Job Poster, and address, bank account information, and passport and ID pictures when registering as a Fixer. This information is needed to enable payments and payouts through our Service. The information is gathered and stored by our payment solutions provider Stripe ( . Stripe provides Share Your Business with some limited personal data about the user, but gathers and stores data independently, and is thus an independent data controller for this information, where Stripe’s own Privacy Policy is effective; 
iii.) Information from the creation of job posts, such as pictures the user uploads and publishes, and addresses for the job, as well as pick up and drop off of materials; 
Information related to user profiles, such as ratings and reviews the user leaves on other users’ profiles in The Service, as well as ratings and reviews the user receives from other users; 
iv.) Location data, such as the position of the user’s device and/or mobile device, via GPS for ex., provided that the user has given their consent by activating location services for Share your Business; 
v.) Data related to special campaigns and discounts that the user provides when voluntarily participating in these; 
vi.) Device data from Cookies, such as IP-address, language, web browser, service provider, operating system, and other URL information; 
vii.) Other data related to how the user interacts with The Service, such as interactions with other users, searches made in The Service, as well as dates and times for these searches, in order to understand how users interact with The Service for the purpose of further developing and improving it. 


Share Your Business gathers and processes the above mentioned types of personal data for the purpose of providing, performing, analyzing, and improving The Service. Information about you as a user enables customized features, content, and recommendation, which contributes to an improved user experience and Service. 

Data relating to payments are gathered and processed for the purpose of providing The Service in full, and therein, through our collaboration with our payments services provider, enable payments and payouts in The Service, as well as discover and prevent fraud in our Service. 

For the purpose of fulfilling our legal obligations, Share Your Business may come to process and share personal data with the authorities and/or payment services providers, such as banks, in the event of suspected crime and/or investigation by the authorities. 


Share Your Business stores personal data until the user removes their account with us or has been inactive in The Service for over 24 consecutive months, when thus their data is anonymized or cleared. 

Data related to campaigns and discounts are stored for as long as the campaign or discount remains active, and is cleared when it is ended. Data related to the user’s interaktion och communication with other users is stored for 12 months after the last interaction, and is cleared thereafter. all data regarding potential misuse of The Service is stored for 24 months from its gathering and is cleared thereafter. 

Share Your Business may store data longer than the above specified periods of time, for those cases where longer storage of data is necessary according to law, such as for the purpose of accounting. In these cases the personal data will be used solely for this purpose and it not processed further by us. 
Share Your Business  gathers and processes your personal data provided that you have given your consent, and will thus clear them in the case of you revoking your consent. 

Financial information: Share Your Business may also collect financial information, such as credit card or debit card information, from our app and connected payment apps, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, and share this with our payment processing partner Stripe (, in order to process payments in our application. This data is collected using the Stripe SDK. To read more about the Stripe SDK and how they handle data, visit 


Share Your Business, like many others, use so called Cookies to gather data about our users. For more information about how we use Cookies please see our Cookie Policy. 


Share Your Business may share your personal data with business partners and/or service providers, such as Stripe ( We do this for the purpose of providing our Service in full, and therein providing features, such as payments and payouts, which requires certain basic information about the user. 

Additionally, Share Your Business may come to share your personal data with third parties that contribute to delivering our Service and/or perform tasks on our behalf, such as service providers for cloud storage, analytical tools, and other forms of data storage. In these instances third parties only have permission to process our users’ personal data solely for these purposes. 

Share Your Business may come to share non-specific user information and data with our partners and/or third parties for the purpose of analyzing how users interact with our Service, marketing The Service, and creating customized features, content, and recommendations. 

In the event of a transfer of the business and/or assets, in part of fully, as well as in the event of a merger, Share Your Business may come to share stored personal data with the acquiring party. 

Share Your Business strives for processing your personal data within the EU/EES as much as possible, but may come to share data with parties in countries outside the EU/EES, such as our payment services provider Stripe ( Additionally, we may come to share personal data outside the EU/EES in those instances where out service providers hire their own service providers outside the EU/EES. 

In the event of sharing personal data, Share Your Business and our service providers will take every reasonable action to ensure that the sharing of data is done in a way that is as secure as possible, and in accordance with applicable data protection laws.  


Users of Share Your Business’ services have the right to request information about and/or a copy of the personal data we have gathered and are processing in their case. You have the right to receive this copy in a machine readable format, and, if we deem it technically possible, transferred to another data controller, If you are of the opinion that the personal data Share Your Business has stored about you are incomplete and/or incorrect, you have the right to request that we change, limit, block, or remove the data in full. 

For questions regarding your personal data and/or requests for information and/or a copy of your personal data, please contact Share Your Business according to what is stated under “CONTACT INFORMATION” in this policy. 


If you are of the opinion that Share Your Business is gathering and processing your personal data incorrectly, then you have the right, in accordance with applicable data protection laws, to send a complaint to Datainspektionen. To send in your complaint, and for more information about your rights, please see Datainspektionen’s website ( 


Share Your Business reserves the right to at any time update and/or change the contents of this Privacy Policy. We always publish all changes and updates that are made, in the App and on our Website, and notify users of The Service about these changes before they go into effect, through email and/or in The Service. For more substantial changes of this policy we always inform our users of the effects of the changes well in advance before the new policy goes into effect. 

For users who do not accept the changes and/or updates that are made to the contens of our policy and who want to close their account, please contact us according to what is stated under “CONTACT INFORMATION” in this policy, for further assistance. 


Share Your Business Sweden AB
Address: Karlavägen 58, 114 49 Stockholm
Organisation number/VAT.: 559120-3475


© Share Your Business Sweden AB

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