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  • How do I close my account?
    If you want to close your SYB account, you can do so via your profile in the app. Alternatively, we ask you to send an email to, and we will make sure your account is removed.
  • How do I turn off email, text and push notifications?
    You can change your settings for notifications in your mobile device's system settings. We refer to the manufacturer's instructions on how to do this. To unsubscribe from our emails, you can click on the "UNSUBSCRIBE" link at the bottom of the email and follow the instructions.
  • How do I change my password/how do I get a new one if I have forgotten my password?
    You can easily change your password at any time in the app under the "My Account" tab. If you do not remember your password and are unable to log in with your mobile number, click the “Forgot your password?” button on the login page to receive an email with instructions to create a new password.
  • Who can see my personal information?
    All users on the platform can see a user's name, profile picture, and their reviews. When a client has accepted a fixer's offer, both parties can see each other's contact information, and then contact each other. For more information on how Share Your Business handles users' personal data, see our Privacy Policy.
  • Are there RUT & ROT deductions on assignments in SYB?
    Yes, RUT- & ROT apply to most of our assignments, but clients and fixers themselves have the obligation to find out whether RUT or ROT deductions apply to their particular assignment in question, and request a deduction to the tax authority. Advertisers also have an obligation to keep themselves informed about their RUT & ROT balance. Read more about RUT & ROT deductions at: https :// Find out your RUT & ROT balance at:
  • Fixer
    Many different factors, such as where a person lives and their income, affect what they have to pay in tax. As each individual case is different, Share Your Business cannot provide any general guidelines for declaration and taxes. It is the responsibility of each user to check what applies in their case. For information on what applies to you, please check with your local tax office or its website. For those of you who are in Sweden, information about taxes can be found at
  • Principal
    Rules for tax on household services vary depending on the country. In Sweden, the client does not have to pay tax or employer's fee if the sum for compensation for assignments between the client and a fixer does not exceed SEK 10,000 under a pair of contracts. All users are obliged to ensure that they declare and pay tax according to current regulations. Share Your Business cannot be held responsible for any errors in users' taxes and/or declaration and its possible penalties. We recommend that everyone who uses our platform check with their tax office which rules apply to them.
  • Is creating a mission really free?
    Yes! Creating missions is completely free and takes less than a minute! Once you have accepted a quote from a fixer, the amount for the compensation is reserved on your card, but you only pay when the job is completed and you are satisfied with the result.
  • How does the service work?
    1. Download the app or visit it online to create your profile. Only when this is done can you post ads! 2. Create an advertisement where you describe what you need help with, specify dates, budget and other requests. 3. When the ad has been uploaded, our fixers send a request and you choose the one that suits you best. Simple as that!
  • How long does it take to get help from a fixer?
    Typically, clients receive quotes from fixers within hours! Of course, this varies depending on e.g. the number of available fixers, how much you are willing to pay, and the type of help you need, but the response time is usually short. Share Your Business is currently growing rapidly and new fixers are joining our platform daily.
  • Can I hire more than one fixer for an assignment?
    No, you can only hire one fixer per assignment. We therefore recommend that clients keep this in mind when creating assignments, and then set a compensation that reflects the time and work required to complete the assignment.
  • How do I contact the fixer I have chosen for my assignment?
    Once you have accepted an offer from a fixer, go to the “My ads and assignments” tab and on to the specific assignment. Scroll down until you see your fixer and their profile, then click “Chat“. You can now easily contact each other via the SYB chat.
  • What types of bids can I expect from fixers?
    This question has no simple answer as the assignments published on our platform vary greatly in location, compensation, and amount of work required to complete the assignment. However, clients usually receive offers that are around the compensation they stated when publishing the assignment, with some exceptions.
  • How do I pay for an assignment?
    You pay easily and securely for your assignments in the app with the card you registered. Once you have chosen a fixer for your assignment, the amount for the compensation is reserved on your card by Share Your Business via our payment partner Stripe. We do this to give the fixer peace of mind that there are funds to pay for the job when it's done. When the fixer has completed the task and you both have marked it as completed in the app, the payment is released to the fixer's account with SYB.
  • How much should I pay a fixer?
    This question has no simple answer as the assignments published on our platform vary greatly in location, compensation, and amount of work required to complete the assignment. Submitters decide themselves how much they are willing to pay for an assignment when they create the post and then when they choose which bid they want to accept. We advise all clients to provide reasonable compensation for the work required by estimating the number of hours needed to complete the assignment. A higher compensation is more attractive to fixers and increases your chances of getting many bids on your assignment, thus getting help faster.
  • What do I do if I can't get hold of my fixer?
    If you've accepted a quote from a fixer and they haven't turned up to complete the job, and you can't get hold of them, email our support and we'll help you find a new fixer. Send your email to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
  • Can I be a client and accept assignments at the same time?
    Yes! Anyone who creates an account with SYB can see and create their own assignments. If you want to become a fixer and accept assignments, just add your bank details under the "My Account" tab. Have your ID card and bank information ready as this is needed to add a bank account to which your compensation for completed assignments will go.
  • Can I cancel an assignment I have published?
    Yes, in some cases it is possible to cancel a published assignment. This includes if you have received no fixers, or no fixer that you accept, on your assignment. If you have received bids from fixers for your assignment and accepted one of them, you have also paid the down payment. You can then still cancel the fixer but will not get the down payment back. We therefore ask you as an advertiser to always think through an offer carefully before accepting it.
  • What do I do when the mission is completed?
    When a fixer completes a task, both the fixer and the task giver mark it as completed in the app. You do this by going under the "My ads and assignments" tab to the specific assignment's description and clicking the "Mark as completed" button. This must be done in order for the fixer to receive their compensation for the assignment. Both parties now also get the opportunity, and are strongly encouraged, to give each other a review in the app.
  • Can anyone become a SYB fixer?
    No. To become a fixer at SYB, you need to be 18 years old, hold a Swedish-issued ID, Swedish mobile number, and a Swedish bank account. Your ID and bank account are verified by our payment partner Stripe, and are needed to make secure transfers of payments for completed assignments.
  • Can I contact the client if I have questions about the assignment?
    Yes, if your offer for an assignment has been accepted, you can go to the assignment description under the tab "My ads and assignments" to see the assignor. Then click on "Contact", and a new SMS will open in your smartphone with the client's number already filled in. You can now easily contact the client via SMS. We ask all our users to respect each other and their privacy. It is important to maintain a good tone when communicating with other users both on and off our platform.
  • Any tips on how to bid on an assignment?
    SYB advises fixers to only bid on jobs they feel they can easily complete. Our rating system means that fixers are rated based on the quality of their work, where a poorly done job results in a bad rating which can affect whether your bids are accepted in the future. We also recommend that fixers think carefully about the bid they want to place on an assignment. A bid that is too high may reduce your chances of being selected for that assignment, and a bid that is too low may make the assignment not worth the time it takes to complete. Exactly how much a fixer should bid is therefore a very difficult question and something that must be assessed for each individual assignment.
  • Is there a limit to how many assignments I can accept?
    No, there is not a limit, as long as you can complete all the missions within their set time frame. Remember that the reviews you receive from clients are based in part on how you perform the work, and completing the assignment on time is an essential part of that.
  • Can I cancel a mission for which I have been selected?
    No, if your bid for an assignment has been accepted by the client, you are obligated to complete the assignment. You can only cancel an offer for an assignment if it has not yet been accepted by the client. With this in mind, it is important that you, as a fixer, only bid on assignments that you are sure you can complete, both in terms of time and with a good result.
  • How do I get paid for the missions I complete?
    Fixers are paid via bank transfer to the account registered in the app. A payout normally takes 5 - 7 working days and begins after the fixer has completed an assignment and both client and fixer agree that it has been completed. Each payment has a fee of SEK 5. Payments from completed assignments are held securely by Share Your Business via our payment partner Stripe until the money is paid out. Stripe handles all our payments, and does so with the highest level of security. To read more about Stripe, go to
  • How much of the compensation do I get to keep as a fixer?
    If your bid for an assignment has been accepted by the client, it will be the final amount for compensation that is recorded in the app. Of this, Share Your Business takes a service fee of 15%, and you as the fixer get to keep the remaining 85%. For example. if the sum for compensation is set at SEK 1,000, Share Your Business keeps SEK 150, and you as the fixer receive SEK 850.
  • When do I get paid as a fixer?
    Compensation for a completed assignment is released after the assignment has been marked as completed by both the fixer and the client, and then ends up in the fixer's SYB account. Fixers are paid their SYB balance after the payment has been processed by our payment partner Stripe. In most cases, you will see your money in your bank account within 5 - 7 working days. Read more about Stripe at
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